• Упаковочный вариант для разной индустрии

    ООО «УПАКОВОЧНОЕ ОБОРУДОВАНИЕ «БРАТ»» разрабатывает идеальный вариант для Вашей упаковочной производственной цепочки. Наша высокоточная технология удовлетворяет требование упаковки в таких отраслях,как медицина, пищевые продукты, напиток, ширпотреб, бытовая химия, обувь и одежда, металл и т.д..

  • Продукция

    брат упаковочные машины придерживаться "глобального упаковочных технологий услуг местных проектов" концепции услуг!компания обладает высокой точностью станков с ЧПУ и обрабатывающий центр, современное оборудование и оборудование для обнаружения, передовые технологии и строгая система управления качеством.в сочетании с профессиональной и технической элиты и техники группы продвинутого уровня, в полной мере использовать новые технологии, новые технологии, новые материалы, обеспечить стабильность и надежность продукции.упаковки широкий спектр приложений, таких, как здравоохранение, питание, напитки, ежедневно химических продуктов, бытовых товаров, промышленной продукции отраслей. брат упаковочные машины имеет богатый опыт работы в отрасли группы упаковки, может, в зависимости от ваших конкретных оперативных потребностей на заказ упаковочных решений.

  • Упаковочный материал

    этот продукт для зеленой революции пакет обновления. термоусадочной пленки ПВХ / ОСБ в термоусадочную пленку, PE в термоусадочную пленку, - с / картонные упаковки, упаковки лямки,

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    брат магазин

Машинно/промышленная инженерия

Packaging Line Layout and Design / Sustainability / Production Improvement Optimization / SMED Changeover Optimization / Buffer Analysis Investigation / RAM Analysis Investigation

Машинно/промышленная инженерия

Packaging Line Layout and Design / Sustainability / Production Improvement Optimization / SMED Changeover Optimization / Buffer Analysis Investigation / RAM Analysis Investigation

Краткое описание

Every entrepreneur will have their own vision and strategy for their companies development ,but the increasing of the labor cost, it may restrict them to catch their ambitions of their business. Brother systems is the packing industry designer , it will solve the problem for your packaging industry areas, and help you to catch the dream of business in the short way. Brother systems is a platform to help the company to develop the carton packing industry chain service . we will help you to set the individual project management system, and focus on the growing of their packing technology. in addition , we combined the technology for strapping , carton erector , carton sealing ,carton loading and palletizing. It will help you lead your industry and has the big competitive advantage. We believe that brother system is the professional expert of your packing industry, will help you solve all the problem ,and make you more successful.

метод упаковки

Brother packing machinery has established at 1999, which is the excellent packing machinery company in china. Our mission is to bring the global packaging technology and serve to the customizing local packing solutions.

Управление проектами

The project management plan for brother systems which is the private service for the user of brother . Brother systems has also provided perfect tailing service for the operation of project , project designing , project following and the after service of project . for each specific needs , our team will help our customer to design their own packaging solution and help them to complete whole project of packaging operations.

Электро/техника управления

Integration / Automation & Servo Control / Electrical Design & Controls / PLC Programming / Electrical Safety Audits / PackML Training Courses

Машинно/промышленная инженерия

Packaging Line Layout and Design / Sustainability / Production Improvement Optimization / SMED Changeover Optimization / Buffer Analysis Investigation / RAM Analysis Investigation

Техническая поддержка (на месте)

On Site Electrical and Mechanical Support Our experienced personnel are able to supervise electrical contractors, suppliers, riggers, millwrights, and vendor service personnel while also interacting with the appropriate plant personnel to ensure safe, smooth and on time installation and start up. Technology Research, Acquisition and Transfer Our people have the experience to assist you in:

Проектированиенестандартного упаковочного варианта

Design Build Solutions When existing technology is not available, We can design build a proprietary system to fit your unique needs, enabling speed to market and a competitive advantage. Modeling & Testing Need to prove a concept or improve a system? With our 3D design capability, concepts can be modeled to illustrate their feasibility. If desired, we can fabricate and test a prototype.

Машинно/промышленная инженерия


Packaging Line Layout and Design
To achieve an efficient and effective process, we can do conceptual, preliminary and detail engineering and design for packaging production lines related to:

+ machine integration

+ conveyors

+ interfaces

+ custom mechanisms

+ coding, inspections

+ material and supply flows

+ compressed air

+ machine interfaces


        Our company provides strategic, tactical and technical engineering and practical know-how in the area of packaging operations. This translates into improved changeover, minimized production variations, the elimination or mitigation of machine and system downtime, the elimination or mitigation of rework and waste and the development of practices that will optimize your packaging operations for maximum uptime. Few realize the true cost of these areas if left unaddressed. In most cases, small changes in your packaging operation can result in large gains to your bottom line.

Production Improvement Optimization
We can do a detailed study that examines in-depth present production practices such as scheduling, maintenance, operator and management related to production effectiveness and efficiency. This study conforms to customer needs and objectives. Depending on scope depth, it usually includes recommendations, drawings, layouts, action plans, budget costs, budget scheduling and risks.

SMED Changeover Optimization
We use proprietary tools to examine and build an action plan and provide detailed justification information for plant changeover improvement activities. This adaptable process examines such variables as time, sequences, labour, training, procedures, set points, ergonomics and improvement recommendations as well as costs. This tool is a great aid in Lean and Six Sigma endeavours within plants.

Buffer Analysis Investigation
This proprietary tool comprehensively maps a series of machines or systems in order to determine the benefits and extent of using buffering systems to modulate and improve the process output. This information allows the determination of how to justify the costs of designing, purchasing and commissioning a buffer system. Depending on scope depth, an investigation includes a recommendation regarding the best type of buffer for the application as well as drawings, layouts, action plans, budget costs, budget scheduling and risks.

RAM Analysis Investigation
We use this proprietary tool to assist in assessing the best ways to fulfill the requirements and product demands of the end user. The tool comprehensively maps a machine or system in order to determine both its weak and strong points in relation to its function and design. Versatile in its application, it can be an upfront tool for vendor comparisons in evaluating which machine to purchase, it can assist in reviewing vendor designs for high-risk machine application, and it can be used to examine existing machines to facilitate continuous improvement programs. Investigations vary in length depending on needs and the scope of work.


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