• Упаковочный вариант для разной индустрии

    ООО «УПАКОВОЧНОЕ ОБОРУДОВАНИЕ «БРАТ»» разрабатывает идеальный вариант для Вашей упаковочной производственной цепочки. Наша высокоточная технология удовлетворяет требование упаковки в таких отраслях,как медицина, пищевые продукты, напиток, ширпотреб, бытовая химия, обувь и одежда, металл и т.д..

  • Продукция

    брат упаковочные машины придерживаться "глобального упаковочных технологий услуг местных проектов" концепции услуг!компания обладает высокой точностью станков с ЧПУ и обрабатывающий центр, современное оборудование и оборудование для обнаружения, передовые технологии и строгая система управления качеством.в сочетании с профессиональной и технической элиты и техники группы продвинутого уровня, в полной мере использовать новые технологии, новые технологии, новые материалы, обеспечить стабильность и надежность продукции.упаковки широкий спектр приложений, таких, как здравоохранение, питание, напитки, ежедневно химических продуктов, бытовых товаров, промышленной продукции отраслей. брат упаковочные машины имеет богатый опыт работы в отрасли группы упаковки, может, в зависимости от ваших конкретных оперативных потребностей на заказ упаковочных решений.

  • Упаковочный материал

    этот продукт для зеленой революции пакет обновления. термоусадочной пленки ПВХ / ОСБ в термоусадочную пленку, PE в термоусадочную пленку, - с / картонные упаковки, упаковки лямки,

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    брат магазин

BROTHER what can you provide to us?

  • Brother packaging machinery business sector leadership, care, love, cherish and respect for talent, allowing employees to gain a better understanding of the strategic development of enterprises, and to share the precious experience of occupation.

    In development, as long as the dare do dare to think, not what is impossible. As long as have a strong optimism, be trained with regularity of occupation skill, bold and swift action ability, you can be successful, you will be amazed that so many opportunities in life! Eventually, you will rely on their own strength, the realization of "facing the sea, with spring" dream of life.

    The total compensation of our strategy is to ensure the personnel recruitment more competitive, employee career development more dynamic and permanent, ensure employees more devoted to work, let the staff to pay rewards. Our goal is to ensure that the overall level of salary compared with the same industry competitive, proportional to your work.

    The company pays close attention to you the full range of physical and mental health, and to provide professional health consultation for you. My health first, is the brother of packaging machinery to build healthy culture. Have the whole world in view, brother packaging machinery has always been committed to make the world a better health, better life. We call the "healthy imagination".

    1.integration of the most advantage of resources to train first-line managers, so that they can lead a growing workforce.

    2.Pay attention to the new employee value and enterprise culture training.

    3.According to the different levels of the managers of different maturity, design training plan of different levels.

    4.Provide a variety of occupation training corresponding to go professional channel staff.

    BROTHER occupation planning

  • In the assessment of your ability, after the expertise and professional direction, must obey the choice of the heart. Many young people are easily material conditions, various factors of social evaluation and similar comparison influence their judgement and choice. Trust your intuition, in the judgment of their occupation prospects must let the heart: I speak will love this occupation, I have the ability to accept the challenge of the occupation, I believe I can do a good result

    Occupation career is very long, a lot of occupation experience is must depend on the time accumulation. So for an entry-level people to see the nature of occupation, perhaps is not a small problem. So in the occupation planning before, can find good occupation tutor for counseling and understanding, interpretation of career development from them on the law, and take fewer unnecessary detours. This tutorial is probably the internship supervisor

    The first step in the workplace, it is also an important content of occupation planning. Career development is the accumulation of the first step. Learn to analyze the company, industry advantage, inferior state of occupation, and to understand their own SWOT, do not follow blindly. The first step is precious, every journey begins with the first step, the first step will have the accurate may bring behind every step of the accurate.

    Occupation planning is the planning, if limited to a future and personal interests, so this life is just a self satisfied life. According to the demand of Maslow's principle, every one of us food obtained in safety,, is to be recognized, respected, even self ideal realization the requirements of occupation, so our goal is must have a sense of social responsibility, of course, occupation target can be divided into short-term, medium-term, long-term to complete.

    Occupation planning have a significant stage characteristics, so in the different stage of development must make corresponding adjustment, and even change. But the occupation development purposes is the same, is through the occupation development opportunities, reflected in the value of the individual, and make due contribution to society. So long and macro field of vision, they should make the adjustment according to their own situation.

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